ER Utilization

Intuitive Health partners with health systems nationwide to build, operate, and launch retail healthcare facilities that provide urgent care and emergency services under one roof. Intuitive Health’s retail care facilities drive patient acquisition, increase visibility, and deliver high-level customer service patients demand.

Employer Benefits

Patients are increasingly utilizing the Emergency Room for non-emergent care, resulting in millions of unnecessary ER spending. Our dual model ER & Urgent Care facilities are community-based emergency rooms that offer urgent care level billing for non-emergent cases. By recommending populations to utilize these facilities for care, we can save patients, employers, and their communities millions.

  • Cost-effective utilization for treatment
  • A high percentage of visits billed at urgent care level​
  • Employees are back to work faster
Real Estate Benefits
The Dual Model Saves on Unnecessary ER Visits

Our rigorously tested and proven cross-training operational model keeps clinical staff and patients moving through the care process efficiently and removes silos. We provide:

  • A proprietary workflow process
  • A clearly designed patient journey
  • Patient experience training
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Customer Service

Our facilities rank in the top 1% of global retailers for customer service, as illustrated in our NPS and social media ratings. As a result, patients keep coming back.

  • Utilize a standard global retail customer method called Net Promoter Score
  • Real-time reporting with the ability to respond and manage thousands of patient surveys
  • All leaders within the clinical and administrative side have access to NPS feedback
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Retail Marketing

We use retail marketing best practices to target key demographics and drive a high volume of patients who self-select to use and return to your facility.

  • We pay significant attention to digital patient acquisition
  • We have a detailed understanding of new patient acquisition costs, demographic profiles, and the conversion of marketing content to visits
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