Partnering with the Intuitive team makes perfect sense for Riverview Health. We have a strong reputation for service and commitment to our community, and building these customer service oriented facilities will be a great fit.

Seth Warren, President and CEO of Riverview Health, IN.
About Us

In 2008, Jay Woody, M.D., Chief Medical Officer of Intuitive Health, along with two other physicians, built Legacy ER & Urgent Care, which provides both ER and Urgent Care under one roof to the residents of Frisco, Texas. This facility was one of the first hybrid healthcare models of its kind and has expanded to six locations across North Texas.

When Legacy ER & Urgent Care was built, it forever changed the way patients accessed, received, and paid for healthcare. By having ER and Urgent Care under one roof, patients no longer have to decide what level of care they need, and they are now being billed for the level of care they need. After seeing how successful this hybrid retail-model was in Texas, Intuitive Health decided to bring this same model of care to other patients, communities, and employers around the country. Intuitive Health now partners with leading health systems nationwide to build, operate, and launch this combined ER and Urgent Care retail healthcare facilities.

Our Goals
Health Systems
  • To provide value-based care to local communities
  • Increase reputation to the entire health system
  • Increase market share and brand presence
  • Keep patients in the system for all services
  • Save Millions in unnecessary ER utilization
  • Employees are back to work faster
  • No unique plan design needed
  • Save Money – why pay for emergency care when you don’t need it?
  • Save Time – urgent care visits are in and out in less than an hour!
  • Save Peace of Mind – no need to choose between an ER or urgent care, both services in the same location-close to home.
  • Save Dignity – get treated like you’re a part of the family.

From A to Z, Intuitive Health leads the implementation from concept to reality with a dedicated team of operational, regulatory, real estate, and clinical experts dedicated and experienced in combined ER and urgent care development.


Intuitive Health pioneered the concept of the retail-based combined ER and urgent care service. With over 10 years of profitable operations in multiple states. Intuitive Health has the expertise to serve your system and community in a clinically and financially sustainable way.