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Our Partners

Why Partner with Intuitive Health?

When health systems partner with Intuitive Health, they do so to increase access and grow their market share, and instantly become a value-based care model leader in their community. Health systems nationwide partner with Intuitive Health because we help build, operate, and launch successful consumer healthcare facilities that provide emergency and urgent care services under one roof. These consumer health facilities help hospital systems drive patient acquisitions, increase visibility, and deliver the high-level customer service that patients demand.

Our goal at Intuitive Health has proven operational processes to provide exceptional customer service to keep patients in your network. Intuitive Health redefines the delivery of healthcare around the patient experience.

Providing Value-Based Care to Local Communities

We increase reputation, world-class Net Promoter Scores (NPS) scores, and better Google ratings, for the entire health system. We increase market share and brand presence for health systems in areas where they might not have any, and we are a great introduction to their brand by helping keep patients in the system for all services. For employers, our model saves millions of dollars in unnecessary utilization of the emergency room, because the dual-model ER/Urgent Care only bills them for the level of care their employees need rather than automatically billing for an ER visit if all the employee required was a quick trip to the urgent care.

The dual ER/urgent care model provides the right care, at the right price, at the time patients need it –right now. Health systems partner with Intuitive Health because of our proven consumer health model and implementation expertise. By concentrating on real estate selection, clinical operational excellence, customer service, and marketing, our team is a productive joint venture partner with lower capital output, speed to market, and immediate results.

Real Estate Selection

We have built a proprietary algorithm that looks at more than 25 factors that statistically show the strength of a given retail area to maximize the potential for success. This increases speed to market and the ability to launch multiple locations simultaneously and reduces capital requirements.

Clinical Operational Excellence

Our rigorously tested and proven cross-training operational model keeps clinical staff and patients moving through the care process efficiently and removes silos. We provide a proprietary workflow process, a clearly designed patient journey, and patient experience training.

Customer Service

Our facilities rank in the top 1% of global retailers for customer service, as illustrated in our Net Promoter Score (NPS) and social media ratings. As a result, patients keep coming back. We utilize the NPS with real-time reporting with the ability to respond to and manage thousands of patient surveys and all leaders on the clinical and administrative sides have access to NPS feedback.

Retail Marketing

We use retail marketing best practices to target key demographics and drive a high volume of patients who self-select to use and return to your facility. We pay significant attention to digital patient acquisition and we have a detailed understanding of new patient acquisition costs, demographic profiles, and the conversion of marketing content to visits.