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Benefits of Dual Model ER & Urgent Care

Your Patients Are Demanding Better Access & Better Services

Intuitive Health offers a unique patient experience. Instead of needing to self-triage when an urgent health care problem arises and making the quick decision of whether to urgent care or the emergency room, instead, they can go to a dual-model ER and Urgent Care facility under one roof. The choice is simple and intuitive.

Some of the advantages of a dual-model ER & Urgent Care include:

  • It eliminates the need to choose between visiting an ER or Urgent Care
  • Efficient door-to-door times and no waiting
  • Convenient retail location and positive consumer health experience
  • Concierge-level customer service

Improving Service & Reputation

Intuitive Health’s dual-model Emergency Room and Urgent Care facilities rank in the top 1% of global retailers for customer service. How? Because we listen, respond, and improve based on every patient’s recommendations and feedback. That includes more than 20,000 pieces of feedback every year from the Net Promoter Scores (NPSs) we collect. NPS is a standard global retail customer satisfaction metric to measure operational excellence. Additionally, we do not use any reputation management firms or push customers to fill out surveys while in our facilities, so the feedback is real, honest, and done without bias.

Employer Benefits

Patients increasingly utilize the Emergency Room unnecessarily for non-emergent care, which results in millions of dollars spent needlessly. With Intuitive Health’s dual-model ER & Urgent Care facilities, this is no longer a problem. By recommending that employees use these facilities for their urgent healthcare needs, we can save patients, employers, and their communities millions of dollars with a cost-effective utilization for treatment for both employers and their employees, especially because a high percentage of visits are billed at urgent care level​ and employees get back to work faster.

The Dual-Model ER & Urgent Care Saves on Unnecessary ER Visits

The typical bill for an emergency room visit for an emergent case costs about $3,712. However, many ER cases are non-emergent and can be treated just as easily at an urgent care center. This saves both the unnecessary time spent with emergency-medicine physicians as well as the money employers and patients spend on care in the emergency room.