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Christina Whalen


Christina Whalen is a seasoned Emergency room nurse with 15 years of experience. She began her career with Legacy ER and Urgent Care by working clinically as a staff nurse. Her passion is taking care of patients and their families. Her bedside manner is characterized as compassionate and professional. Christina excels at anticipating patients' and physicians' needs. Christina exhibits a demeanor and knowledge base that fosters professional respect and admiration when working with nursing and physician peers. She is known for taking the lead in all she does.

Before joining the team, Mrs. Whalen graduated with her nursing degree in 2004; she worked for John's Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, caring for adult and geriatric patients. This job would be the foundation on which Christina would build her career. After leaving John's Hopkins, she gained more experience at a Baltimore pediatric emergency room, where she enjoyed the fast-paced environment and working with pediatric patients. In 2008, Christina accepted a position at Children's Medical Center, Plano Campus -where she was one of the first few hired to staff the Emergency Room. While working at Children's, Christina met Dr. Kirk Mahon, one of Legacy ER & Urgent Care's original owners. After meeting Dr. Mahon and seeing how Legacy ER & Urgent Care operated, she switched career paths in 2010. Christina was hired as a part-time staff nurse at Legacy ER & Urgent Care in Frisco, Texas. In 2011 she began working full-time as an RN Manager. Over the next decade, Christina grew in her role as Legacy ER & Urgent Care expanded from one location to six in North Dallas. As Legacy continued to expand its dual model of care across the country, Christina has served in many leadership positions, and in 2021, she was promoted to her current role, VP of Clinical Operations.

On a personal level, Christina is very driven but at the same time quite personable and fun to work with. As a nurse, she consistently displays the professional attributes required to excel as a leader and a team member. Christina's energy and enthusiasm know no bounds and are infectious to those patients and coworkers in her presence.