Employer Benefits

Patients are increasingly utilizing the Emergency Room for non-emergent care, resulting in millions of unnecessary ER spending. Our dual model ER & Urgent Care facilities are community-based emergency rooms that offer urgent care level billing for non-emergent cases. By recommending populations to utilize these facilities for care, we can save patients, employers, and their communities millions.

  • Cost-effective utilization for treatment
  • A high percentage of visits billed at urgent care level​
  • Employees are back to work faster
The Dual Model Saves on Unnecessary ER Visits

A typical emergency room visit for an emergent case costs on average $3,712. However, many ER cases are non-emergent and can be treated just as easily at an urgent care center. Review the infographic here to see how much your employers could be saving by simply utilizing the dual model ER & urgent care under one roof.

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