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About Intuitive Health

Transforming the Emergency & Urgent Care Experience

When you or a family member experiences a sudden health concern, you want the best care possible right away. The hospital emergency department offers the greatest breadth of care, but can often also result in long wait times and a much higher bill at the end, but for the same level of care. With today’s high-deductible health plans, patients may need to spend $1800 or more for a typical emergency visit. This significant financial barrier has driven the rise in urgent care facilities around the country. Unfortunately, urgent care centers are only designed to treat minor, non-life-threatening issues and often will result in a referral to an emergency department.

When it isn’t completely clear whether it’s an emergency or something minor, where do you go? If you choose the emergency department, you’re putting your finances at risk, but if you choose urgent care, you could be putting your health at risk. Time is life in these emergencies.

Intuitive Health has transformed the emergency and urgent care experience by combing all the capabilities of an ER with the pricing and convenience of an urgent care in one convenient consumer health-based location. Every patient is seen by an emergency-medicine-trained physician, and if it turns out that they don’t need emergency-level care, then they walk out with a low-cost urgent care bill. On the other hand, if the patient is in an emergency situation, they will receive the highest level of emergency care with incredible customer service. The patient no longer needs to self-triage, and they only need to pay for the care that they need.

Service Is the Best Medicine

We are passionate about changing how people access and pay for care in their community. Using Net Promoter Score (NPS), a globally recognized customer service measurement method has allowed us to welcome feedback in real-time, make daily adjustments, and set a culture of continuous improvement. Intuitive Health facilities are rated within the top 1% of all global retailers and share the space with the most recognized customer service companies worldwide.

Intuitive Health NPS by the numbers

  • Over 60,000 completed NPS surveys annually within 24-36 hours of a patient visit
  • 92% of all respondents are promoters
  • Every month we follow up on over 99% of passives and detractors

Our Story

In 2008, a group of accomplished ER physicians led by, Dr. Jay Woody, MD, believed there was a better way to treat and bill patients who utilized the ER unnecessarily. They recognized that a visit to the ER was often accompanied by fear and anxiety and that great care required compassion and empathy. As a result, they developed a care model that placed the patient’s needs at the center, and the first combined emergency room and urgent care facility under one roof was born.