3 Common School Year Injuries That We Treat
September 23, 2016

If your children are back in school this September, you’ll know how common it is to receive a call from the principal or from your child that he or she has sustained an injury. For better or worse, these little injuries are just a part of growing up.Whether they’ve had an accident in the classroom or a sports-related trauma, even minor injuries and illnesses may require a visit to the emergency room. Even if it’s not a medical emergency, you may still need access to reliable walk-in urgen […]

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Ready, Set, No! The 5 Most Common Fall Sport Injuries and How to Avoid Them
September 21, 2016

With students, teachers, and parents all finally settled into their new school schedules, it’s safe to say that back-to-school season is nearly at its end. However, fall sports season is only just beginning. And with the advent of the fall sports season comes the inevitable fall season injuries. While some are more common than others, all should be treated by parents like a doctor treats injury and illness. Here are a few tips to help identify and avoid five common fall sports injuri […]

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Ready to Get Back to School? So Are These 4 Common Back-to-School Illnesses
September 14, 2016

It seems like summer only started yesterday, but somehow it’s September once again. Back to school season is officially in full swing, but with the return to school also comes the return of those nasty school germs and illnesses. Being in a community of hundreds of other students and sharing space with them is sure to lead to at least one back-to-school illness. To make sure you’re prepared for anything your child could bring home, here are four common illnesses to stay aware of as s […]

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Urgent Care Centers are Able to Provide Timely Care for Non-Emergencies
August 26, 2016

​Oftentimes patients seek emergency services for conditions that are not life-threatening. In fact, RAND Corp. conducted a study in 2009 that reported 14 to 27% of emergency room visits could be handled by urgent care centers or retail clinics instead.When patients seek medical attention at an emergency room, they run the risk of an over-inflated bill that does not reflect the cost of their treatment at a more suitable institution. RAND Corp. also said that the overall healthcare savings […]

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Dog Days: Common Summer Illnesses to Be Aware Of
August 23, 2016

​Just because kids are starting to head back to school doesn’t mean that summer is over! There is still plenty of warm weather to be had, but these hot and sticky days come with one major risk factor, illness.Here are some common summertime illnesses to be aware of during hot weather.Swimmer’s earThis is especially prominent in those who love to be in the water. Despite popular belief, swimmer’s ear isn’t quite the same as the ear infections you’re used to. Swimmer’s ear is an infec […]

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Before You Rush to the ER: Everything You Need to Know About Pediatric Urgent Care
August 18, 2016

​There are approximately 110 million emergency room visits made annually, but the reality is that not all of them are necessary, especially for your child. Parents, especially first-time parents, are known to panic at the first sign of a medical problem. And while you don’t want to take chances when it comes to your child’s health, every pediatrician can tell you countless stories about nervous parents, who after lightly bumping their child’s head, convince themselves they’ve c […]

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How to Know When to Skip the Emergency Room for a Visit to Urgent Care
August 11, 2016

There are an estimated 9,300 walk-in, stand alone urgent care centers in the United States today, and more are opening every year. However, just because they offer a wide variety of treatment options, that doesn’t mean you should be there for every medical emergency. While it’s important to make sure you’re receiving proper care in any medical situation, it’s just as important to know whether an emergency room or urgent care clinic is the right choice for you. Do You Have a Brok […]

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