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Intuitive Health’s 2021 Center of Excellence Award Winners

Intuitive Health’s 2021 Center of Excellence Award Winners

Intuitive Health designed its Centers of Excellence Awards to recognize its dual ER and urgent care centers that patient care ahead of globally recognized benchmarks in customer service, clinical excellence, and quality care. Maintaining their dedication to patients in a value and retail-based healthcare environment, all Intuitive Health partner facilities are setting a new gold standard for what it means to provide and deliver exceptional medical treatment.

As the leading and largest provider of the dual emergency room and urgent care model, Intuitive Health created its National Process Improvement team to handle the qualifications and selection of its inaugural awards to highlight facilities that showed exceptional efforts to administer excellent patient care to its communities. The awards were presented by CEO Thom Herrmann and represent Intuitive Health’s vision to be a healthcare leader by redefining the ER and urgent care experience.

Historically, healthcare has always been centered around the provider, not the patient, leaving significant gaps in how medical care is administered within the fee-for-service model. Instead, with Intuitive Health’s model, patients receive an improved healthcare journey: they’re only billed for the level of care they need rather than by the location they receive care from.

The Intuitive Health difference WOWs patients and focuses on improved operational processes that create loyalty, repeat customers, and site-level profitability. Intuitive Health increases access, offers alternative revenue sources, and grows market share for their partner health systems across the United States. The Center of Excellence Awards exemplifies Intuitive Health’s customer-centric care model and the success of each system dedicated to prioritizing patients, their needs, and their health.

The Center of Excellence Awards spotlights Intuitive Health’s centers in three categories: Centers of Excellence Award, the Intuitive Way Award, and the Up and Comer Award.

2021 Center of Excellence Award Winners

Centers of Excellence Award

As Intuitive Health’s most prestigious and highest award, the Centers of Excellence Award honors centers with exceptional customer satisfaction scores, operational performance, and quality care. It focuses on the managed facilities that have far exceeded rigorous national best practices.

The two Intuitive Health centers that were awarded:

group of the legacy Frisco team with award Legacy ER & Urgent Care - Frisco West team accepting their 2021 Center or Excellence Award.

Riverview Health ER team Riverview Health Emergency Room & Urgen Care - East Carmel team accepting their 2021 Center of Excellence Award.

The qualifications for the Centers of Excellence include:

  • Having a net promoter score, a globally recognized customer feedback metric of 80 or higher, and a performance level within the top 1% of national retailers.
  • An average door-to-door time of under 60-minutes for urgent care and under 130-minutes for emergency care within an entire calendar year. By definition, the door-to-door time is the time from when a patient enters an Intuitive Health facility to the time they leave.
  • Outstanding patient satisfaction in customer service, measured by a Google search Star Rating of 4.3/5 or higher.
  • Meeting clinical quality by exceeding industry best practices for door to electrocardiogram (EKG) times, entry to computed tomography (CT scan) times, and a low percentage of patients who leave without being seen (LWBS). Time in an emergency can be life-saving in many situations, so performing best practices efficiently and expertly as possible is essential to patient outcomes.

Intuitive Way Award

Awarded to locations that demonstrate dedication to Intuitive Health’s mission and vision, the Intuitive Way Award recognizes facilities that have met at least one key criterion of the Centers of Excellence Award. These facilities raise the bar of excellence in customer service, operation excellence, patient satisfaction, and clinical quality.

Centers awarded with the Intuitive Way Award include locations in Florida, Indiana, New Mexico, and Texas:

Up and Comer Award

As one of the fastest-growing healthcare companies in the United States, Intuitive Health is celebrating newer facilities that rank high in customer service based on their NPS score and have exceeded at least one Centers of Excellence criteria within the first 18 months of opening. These centers are well on their way to becoming a Center of Excellence as they continue to meet Intuitive Health’s mission of providing excellent patient care.

The facility awarded with the Up and Comer Award is:

Creating a New Healthcare Experience

team receiving award

We do healthcare differently than anything patients have ever experienced. The practice was founded on the idea of creating a new experience for patients. Witnessing the increasing issues within the emergency department environment (increased ER utilization rates, high patient volumes, elevated wait times, etc.). Intuitive Health created its model to ensure patients were given quality care, treated with kindness, and could make the best decisions for their families during their medical care journey.

Each Intuitive Health partner facility is highly trained in customer and patient care and administering exceptional medical attention to individuals needing treatment. When patients walk into an Intuitive Health facility, they’re greeted and examined by ER-trained staff who determines the level of care needed. Intuitive Health’s model guarantees patients never pay for more than is required.

Intuitive Health’s team of attentive professionals all possess a servant leadership mindset. The tremendous benefits have created a community of care and a unique healthcare environment unlike any other. The Center of Excellence Awards by Intuitive Health recognizes the due diligence of its centers and the staff who run them, all of who are incredible individuals who ensure patients are taken care of.

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