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Wondering How to Tell if You Need to Go to the Emergency Room? Watch for These 3 Signs

Wondering How to Tell if You Need to Go to the Emergency Room? Watch for These 3 Signs

No one plans on going to the emergency room. But accidents and illnesses happen, often without you even seeing the warning signs. Though 44 to 65% of all emergency room visits could have been handled at a 24-hour urgent care location, there are some instances where you should seek immediate care at the hospital or ER. Not sure how to tell when your condition can be handled at a walk-in clinic and when to head to the emergency room? Here are a few signs to watch for.

Your Fever Won’t Go Down

Fevers can help your body get rid of viruses more quickly, but they shouldn’t last for days on end. If you’ve had a fever for multiple days at a time or your fever is over 102 degrees Fahrenheit, seek immediate care at an emergency room as soon as possible. They’ll be able to bring your fever down quickly and reduce the risk of long-term side effects caused by having an elevated body temperature for a long time.

You Have Severe Pain Anywhere

Severe pain should always receive immediate care. Though it may be something obvious like a broken bone or severe sprain, leaving any pain untreated puts you at risk for worsening symptoms and even long-term complications. Even if you know the cause of the pain, head to the emergency room as soon as possible for treatment.

You Feel That It’s an Emergency

Sometimes, instinct is correct. If you feel like you’re experiencing a medical emergency, get the immediate care you need and go straight to the emergency room. The last thing you want to do is put off seeking treatment just because you’re worried you’re overreacting. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Head to the emergency room and get treated immediately.

Take the stress out of choosing between an urgent care clinic and your Allen emergency room. Choose a clinic that offers both urgent care and emergency room services and get the immediate care you need no matter what’s wrong. The team at Legacy will make sure you’re taken care of whether you have a medical emergency or simply need a convenient care facility to take care of a bad cold.