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The Employee Experience Drives Customer Experience in Healthcare

The Employee Experience Drives Customer Experience in Healthcare

Organizations prioritizing customer experience in today's healthcare landscape have realized significant benefits, including enhanced customer loyalty, improved profitability, and sustained success. However, behind every successful customer-centric healthcare organization lies an equally crucial element: the employee experience. Companies that foster a culture of customer obsession not only empower their employees to prioritize customer satisfaction but also recognize the long-term value of investing in their workforce.

This blog will explore the vital link between the employee experience and being a customer-focused organization. It will highlight the positive outcomes of incentivizing employees to make customers happy and loyal, even if it entails short-term financial impact. By examining reduced turnover rates, increased employee engagement, higher wages, and improved profitability, we will illuminate the multifaceted advantages of employee-centric approaches in driving customer loyalty and organizational success.

It's important to note that Intuitive Health refers to its patients as customers.

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Unleashing The Employee Experience For Success In Healthcare

Customer-obsessed organizations understand that their employees are pivotal in creating exceptional customer experiences. These organizations have witnessed tangible benefits across multiple fronts by incentivizing employees to prioritize customer happiness and loyalty.

Customer-obsessed companies experience significantly reduced turnover rates, as employees feel empowered and fulfilled by their ability to impact customers' lives positively. Employees motivated to create memorable customer experiences tend to develop stronger connections with their employers and are likelier to remain committed to their roles. This reduction in turnover leads to cost savings associated with recruitment and training. It fosters a sense of stability and continuity within the organization, directly translating into improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Employee Engagement In Customer-Focused Organizations

The employee experience in customer-focused organizations goes beyond mere retention; it encompasses high levels of employee engagement. When employees feel a genuine sense of purpose and are encouraged to prioritize customer satisfaction, their engagement levels soar. These engaged employees become enthusiastic advocates for the organization and actively seek ways to exceed customer expectations. Moreover, organizations prioritizing the employee experience often offer competitive wages, recognizing that a well-compensated workforce is more motivated to deliver exceptional service. By investing in fair and attractive compensation packages, customer-focused organizations ensure employees feel valued and appreciated, increasing job satisfaction, productivity, and overall customer-centric performance.

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Empowering Employees For Success: Unleashing The Potential Within

When employees are empowered to do the right thing in customer-focused organizations, remarkable transformations occur. Empowerment grants employees the autonomy and authority to make decisions prioritizing customer satisfaction. As a result, they feel a strong sense of ownership and responsibility, going above and beyond to address customer needs and resolve issues promptly. This leads to enhanced customer satisfaction, strengthened loyalty, and a deeper emotional connection between the customer and the organization. Empowered employees are more engaged, motivated, and committed to delivering exceptional customer experiences. They take pride in their work and actively contribute innovative ideas to improve processes, products, and services. This culture of empowerment fosters a positive work environment, nurtures employee growth and satisfaction, and ultimately drives the success of customer-focused organizations.

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Boosting The Bottom Line: Customer-Focused Organizations In Action

The bottom line of customer-focused organizations is significantly impacted by the positive outcomes derived from prioritizing the employee experience. By incentivizing employees to make customers happy and loyal, these organizations experience improved profitability. Loyal customers contribute to sustained revenue streams and become brand advocates, generating positive word-of-mouth referrals and attracting new customers. Additionally, customer retention rates increase as employees develop strong customer relationships and consistently deliver exceptional experiences. This reduces costs associated with acquiring new customers and a higher lifetime value. Ultimately, the combined effect of reduced turnover, increased employee engagement, competitive wages, and enhanced profitability reinforces the crucial role of the employee experience in driving success in customer-focused organizations.

How To Create A Positive Employee Experience?

Creating a culture that promotes the employee experience that leads to greater customer focus involves several key steps:


Leadership Commitment

Leadership plays a crucial role in shaping an organization's culture. It starts with a clear and visible commitment to prioritizing your employee experience. Leaders should communicate the importance of employee satisfaction and customer focus, aligning their actions and decisions with these values.

Center of Excellence Award

Intuitive Health's Center of Excellence Award

Recognition and Rewards

Implement a robust recognition and rewards system that acknowledges and appreciates employees' contributions. Celebrate individual and team successes and recognize exceptional customer service. Reward employees who consistently prioritize customer focus and provide outstanding experiences. This recognition reinforces the importance of customer focus in the organization.

Intuitive Health's Center of Excellence program sets new benchmarks for value-based healthcare by honoring its hybrid ER and urgent care facilities that surpass rigorous metrics. These exceptional teams are continually improving the patient experience by exceeding patient expectations, delivering top-notch care, and providing superior customer experience akin to renowned retailers.

The coveted Center of Excellence Award program acknowledges employee excellence. It motivates and inspires teams to prioritize customer focus, deliver exceptional care, and shape a positive customer experience within the healthcare industry.

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Clear Communication and Transparency

Foster open and transparent communication channels throughout the organization. Keep employees informed about organizational goals, strategies, and customer feedback. Encourage two-way communication, and active listening and provide opportunities for employees to share their ideas, concerns, and suggestions.


Customer-Centric Metrics

Align performance metrics and evaluations with customer-focused outcomes. Instead of solely focusing on operational metrics, incorporate customer-centric measures such as customer satisfaction scores or Net Promoter Score (NPS) to assess employee performance. This reinforces the importance of customer focus and creates a shared understanding of customer-oriented goals.

Intuitive Health understands the importance of aligning performance metrics with customer-centric outcomes. As such, Intuitive Health utilizes NPS, which emphasizes the significance of customer satisfaction and loyalty. This approach ensures that employees meet operational targets and strive to exceed customer expectations, improving patient care and organizational performance.

Intuitive Health's emergency room and urgent care facilities have maintained an impressive track record, consistently placing in the top 1% of global retailers for customer service over the past decade. This exceptional achievement stems from their unwavering commitment to actively listen, respond, and continuously improve based on each patient's invaluable recommendations and feedback.

With a remarkable annual volume of over 20,000 pieces of feedback, Intuitive Health prioritizes a culture of attentive listening and responsiveness, ensuring that every patient's voice is heard and their experiences are used as catalysts for ongoing enhancement and excellence.

Intuitive University

Employee Engagement and Empowerment

Actively involve employees in decision-making and encourage their input. Empower employees to make decisions that benefit the customer and provide them with the necessary tools, resources, and authority to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Regularly seek feedback and act upon it to improve the employee experience.

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Continuous Improvement

Encourage a culture of continuous improvement, where employees are empowered to identify areas for enhancement and contribute to process improvements. Create forums or mechanisms for employees to share ideas and participate in problem-solving initiatives. Regularly evaluate and update processes to eliminate barriers that hinder customer focus.

How Intuitive Health Sets the Example

Intuitive Health demonstrates a solid commitment to continuous learning and development through initiatives like Intuitive University's Leadership Development Program. Launched in 2017, Intuitive University was established to provide its dedicated teams with ongoing leadership development and training, positively impacting patient expectations across the United States. The Leadership Development Program within Intuitive University offers selected leaders from the Intuitive Health team the opportunity to address unique challenges associated with leading a groundbreaking model in each market. It fosters collaboration among peers for knowledge sharing, exchange of best practices and, most importantly, offers one-on-one interactions with renowned leaders to enhance personal leadership growth.

As pioneers in combining emergency room and urgent care services under one roof, Intuitive Health has consistently prioritized the employee experience, providing the nation's leading healthcare customer service while fostering a workplace where employees have ample opportunities for professional growth. The Leadership Development Program further solidifies this position by exceeding expectations and delivering exceptional outcomes for communities nationwide. Through this program, Intuitive Health continues investing in its leaders, equipping them with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in their roles, drive innovation, and provide outstanding patient care.

Investing in the employee experience drives customer satisfaction and loyalty and creates a harmonious and productive work environment. Simply put, having a customer-focused organization without prioritizing your employee experience is virtually impossible.

By implementing these strategies, organizations can create a culture that promotes the employee experience, resulting in greater customer focus. When employees feel valued, empowered, and engaged, they are more likely to prioritize customer needs and satisfaction, enhancing customer experiences and loyalty.

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