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Utilizing the Net Promoter Score (NPS) for Retail Health Care

Utilizing the Net Promoter Score (NPS) for Retail Health Care

Providing a patient with a top-quality experience and improving performance is critical for any health care business. A positive customer experience builds trust and loyalty, meaning more repeat customers, word-of-mouth referrals, and individuals who will advocate for your brand. Yet, despite knowing that growth depends on how their customers perceive the service they provide, few health care organizations measure customer satisfaction correctly. Companies across most industries routinely obsess over improving the customer experience, but healthcare organizations have not typically been as focused on this area of performance improvement.

The Retail Health Care Approach

Why would a health care system not value patient feedback and considerations to improve their processes and become a trusted source within their community? Why are most healthcare systems not using the retail health care approach—especially when it is well documented that delivering a great customer experience can set one healthcare company apart from the rest?

Retail health care is a movement that ultimately advocates for the consumer’s involvement in their own health care decisions without the influence of or dictation by third parties, physicians, or health care staff.

While we hope patients don’t have to return to one of our facilities, we want them to come back if they need additional care and trust that our processes work. How they receive that care determines whether they will return for treatment during the most vulnerable and frightening moments of their lives.
We shouldn’t have to consistently convince consumers that they should invest their time, finances, and health with us. Health care should come with the expectation of quality, value-based care.

Intuitive Health has put a lot of effort into its customer service experience. We measure customer experience on a daily basis, and we are proud of our success.

Over the past decade, Intuitive Health’s emergency room and urgent care facilities have consistently ranked in the top 1% of global retailers for customer service. How? We listen, respond and improve based on every patient’s recommendations and feedback. Currently, that includes more than 20,000 pieces of feedback annually.

What is the Net Promoter Score (NPS)?

The patient experience is valuable to us, and to gain insightful information from the customer’s perspective, Intuitive Health utilizes the Net Promoter Score (NPS), a standard global retail customer satisfaction method to measure operational excellence. The use of NPS is a vital part of our commitment to providing optimal and quality retail health care to our customers.

The Net Promoter Score is a streamlined data measurement tool that allows Intuitive Health to gauge customer loyalty and makes continued performance improvements. Even with recent management trends emphasizing the power and significance of customer loyalty, traditional customer surveys remain incapable of measuring what customers may see as an abstract concept. The Net Promoter Score cuts through the confusion, asking patients to respond to a single question: “What is the likelihood you will recommend our facility to your friends and family?” With NPS, Intuitive Health is given real-time measurement. This immediate feedback helps us hold team members accountable. Intuitive Health maximizes its NPS data in real-time, allowing us to make adjustments based on the feedback we receive within 24 hours.

We know that when a customer says he or she will recommend a company, the customer’s personal reputation is on the line. Customers will only indicate a positive response when they feel a strong sense of loyalty to the brand. This mindset also represents a significant shift in value from the feeling of basic customer satisfaction to brand loyalty.

Health care and its services should never be stagnant. We should make continual adjustments that equip us to deliver excellent care based on new recommendations, science, and data. Excellent customer service is at the heart of excellent care. As a company dedicated to saving patients from excessive health care spending while providing them with exceptional care, we know our retail health care model sets us apart from other healthcare providers.

The Intuitive Health Difference

Intuitive Health’s success comes from a choice to think and act differently by embracing a customer-centric model. We want to do things better! We want to reimagine the health care consumer experience by listening to and learning from those they serve. Our measurement of customer satisfaction using the NPS gives us the data we need to serve patients better.

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