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What Intuitive Health Considers Retail Healthcare?

What Intuitive Health Considers Retail Healthcare?

What is Retail Healthcare?

Retail Healthcare is a mindset designed to address the consumer demand for better customer service, better convenience, better patient satisfaction, and a better experience. Think of Chick-fil-A, Ritz Carlton, and Disney—each of these brands provides outstanding customer service and has mastered the customer experience.

For decades, the traditional healthcare system was the only choice for people. If you were sick, you went to your primary care physician. If you needed emergency care, you went to your neighborhood hospital ER. There were not a lot of choices. Conversely, today, there are many choices—everything from standalone ERs, retail clinics, urgent care facilities, and primary care doctors to traditional emergency room departments. Consumers now have healthcare choices. Now, more than ever before, consumers are being inundated with direct-to-consumer marketing from pharmaceuticals, hospitals, urgent care options, and physician practices.

What makes a consumer choose a healthcare provider?

The question is, what makes a consumer choose one healthcare provider over the other? Because healthcare consumerism is difficult to understand, let’s illustrate and think about what makes you go to one neighborhood grocery store over the other? You need Golden Delicious apples—after all, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Grocery Store A carries identical apples as Grocery Store B. Yet Grocery Store A greets you at the door, has better prices, is clean, has aisles laid out for more efficient shopping, has friendly cashiers who like their jobs, the store plays nice music, and is open earlier and later than others.

Simply put, Grocery Store A provides an overall better experience. Which one would you patronize? Of course, you will choose Grocery Store A, where your experience is far better than Grocery Store B.

The same thing goes for healthcare. Customers are demanding better healthcare experiences. That is the core of Intuitive Health.

In 2008, Intuitive Health pioneered the dual-care retail model to provide communities with convenient access to a full-service Emergency Room and Urgent Care under one roof. This model of care allows patients to be billed only for the level of service needed, saving millions of dollars in unnecessary ER visits every year. This idea has forever changed the way patients access, receive and pay for healthcare.

Retail Healthcare meets Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Intuitive Health facilities rank in the top 1% of global retailers for customer service, as illustrated in its Net Promoter Score (NPS) and social media ratings. As a result, patients keep coming back. Intuitive Health listens, responds, and makes improvements based on every patient’s recommendation and feedback.


  • Minimal wait and efficient door-to-door times
    • Average urgent care = 40-minutes
    • Average ER = 120-minutes
    • Average time to see physician = 5-minutes
  • Easy access with no partitions at the front desk
  • Highly convenient retail location – close to home
  • Convenient operating hours – open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year
  • Walk-in clinics – appointments are not required

Customer Service

  • Concierge-level customer service
  • Intuitive Health views every single patient as a customer
  • Questions are encouraged and you won’t feel intimidated or rushed


  • Value – pay only for the care needed
  • You no longer need to self-triage – patients don’t need to choose what level of care they need whether is ER or urgent care

Patient Satisfaction

  • An ER-trained physician sees all Emergency Room and Urgent Care patients
  • An established set of guidelines keep staff engaged with the patient – smiling, listening, and, most of all, moving through the process

Better Experience

  • On-site lab and imaging services: X-ray, CT, and ultrasound
  • Referral coordination and post-treatment follow-up
  • Intuitive Health ensures every protocol in place is for the betterment of the patient experience, right down to the décor, the layout of the hallways, the position of the bathrooms, and the stickers for the kiddos
  • Every staff member is aware of operational performance, online reviews, door-to-door times, providing answers to questions, and ingratiating themselves in the communities they serve
  • Each aspect of the patient journey is equally important, and all facets, large and small, must be maximized to provide the journey our patients expect and deserve

Intuitive Health is successful because it thinks and acts differently. We want to be different. We don’t want to be like the typical healthcare system, and we want to do things better. Not only do we want to provide fantastic care to our patients, but we also want to “wow” them at every point in their journeys.

Our goal is not to meet our customers’ expectations for medical care but to exceed them. We believe this approach leads to better health outcomes, increased job satisfaction, and better communities overall—that is what we consider retail health.

Retail Healthcare delivered

Intuitive Health partners with established health systems nationwide to build, operate, and launch retail healthcare facilities that provide urgent care and emergency room services under one roof. Current partners include Baptist Health Care and Bayfront Health in Florida, Riverview Health in Indiana, Presbyterian Healthcare Services in New Mexico, and its flagship center, Legacy ER & Urgent Care, with six locations in Dallas-Fort Worth.

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