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2021 A Record-Breaking Year for ER and Urgent Care Pioneer

2021 A Record-Breaking Year for ER and Urgent Care Pioneer

Combined Hybrid ER & Urgent Care Provider Intuitive Health Saw Unprecedented Patient Volume & Exceptional New Market Growth

Intuitive Health, the national leader of the dual emergency room and urgent care model, has announced a record-breaking year, including increased patient utilization and the addition of new market locations alongside improved staff retention, repeat patient visits and high customer satisfaction scores. The list of accomplishments demonstrates that Intuitive Health’s operational processes work as customer demand remains high for transparency, quality care and efficiencies in emergency services and urgent care.

“Despite the extremely challenging circumstances, we are pleased with our growth as it demonstrates we are providing health systems and communities with the services they need and expanding access to health care,” said Thom Herrmann, chief executive officer of Intuitive Health. “Our innovative approach of providing ER and urgent care services under the same roof strengthens our health care partners’ presence in communities nationwide and affords patients an alternative for quality care and treatment while saving both patients and providers time and money. Our facilities set the gold standard for value-based care.”

Patient Growth

In 2021, Intuitive Health saw unprecedented patient volume. Patient facility usage across all locations increased by 52% over 2020; growth in 2020 was up 35% over 2019. Patients who came to partner facilities during COVID realized the effectiveness of the Intuitive Health model and are now reoccurring patients. The average Intuitive Health facility treats more than 100 patients every day. In 2021, each Intuitive Health location exceeded market volume projections, already set ahead of normal market volumes.

Reduced ER Over Utilization

Because Intuitive Health combines ER and urgent care services, providing dual care in locations with both high- and low-acuity environments, patients don’t need to decide where to receive treatment. Patients are billed only for the services they need, eliminating all costs associated with unnecessary ER utilization. About 92% of patients had non-emergent conditions, while roughly 8% of Intuitive Health ER patients were admitted to a partner health system’s ER for treatment.

New Hospital Systems and Markets

Intuitive Health entered two new markets from its partnerships with health care systems in 2021. New locations include ProMedica Toledo Hospital Emergency and Urgent Care in Ohio and ShorePoint Health Emergency & Urgent Care in Florida. These facilities are in addition to current Intuitive Health partnerships with PRESNow 24/7 Urgent and Emergency Care in New Mexico, Riverview Health Emergency Room & Urgent Care in Indiana, Baptist Health Care Emergency Room & Urgent Care in Florida and Intuitive Health’s flagship Legacy ER & Urgent Care in Texas, which brings the total count to 14 open locations in five states (Texas, Ohio, Florida, Indiana and New Mexico).

Intuitive Health also announced partnerships with Honor Health in Arizona, Northwest Health in Arkansas and UF Health in Florida in 2021. In the first quarter of 2022, Intuitive Health will open Northwest Health Emergency & Urgent Care in Arkansas and an additional location of PRESNow 24/7 Urgent and Emergency Care in New Mexico. Due to increased demand for health care services, Intuitive Health will also open facilities in Delaware, Oklahoma, Arizona, Kentucky, South Carolina and Washington in 2022. The company plans to operate 28 locations in 13 states by the end of the 2022 calendar year.

Additionally, Intuitive Health forged relationships with major health systems in Kentucky, Indiana, Washington D.C., Tennessee, South Carolina and Florida. Currently, 47 facilities are in the site selection phase.

Staff Tenure

Even with the pressures straining health care provider operations, Intuitive Health retained its clinical and operational staff at all existing facilities in 2021. This staffing success is indicative of Intuitive Health’s status as an employer of choice. In addition to the company’s highly efficient staffing model, which includes a proprietary EMR workflow design, the work environment at each Intuitive Health location is intentionally designed to inspire, support and instill confidence among its team. Proven protocols and positional cross-training, utilization of scribes and the strategic use of parallel processes designed for the urgent care and ER combined service all impact Intuitive Health’s high employee retention rates.

Customer Satisfaction Scores

Intuitive Health measures patient satisfaction with the Net Promoter Score (NPS), a standard global retail customer satisfaction measure of operational excellence. The average NPS scores across all Intuitive Health locations rank the company in the top 1% of global retailers for customer services for 2021. This ranking includes more than 20,000 submissions of customer feedback, most received within 24 hours of a patient’s visit to an Intuitive Health facility.

“We know that a positive customer experience builds trust and loyalty, which is seen in our high numbers of repeat customers, word-of-mouth referrals and individuals who advocate for our brand,” said Herrmann. “These endorsements reinforce our commitment to our patients and their families. We do health care different than anything patients have ever experienced.”

While 2021 was a challenging year for health care facilities, Intuitive Health continued to exceed patient expectations across the board, providing excellent and quality care. Founded in 2008 with the goal of transforming the health care industry by providing positive patient experiences through the company’s principle of servant leadership, Intuitive Health is changing what it means for patients to receive care in an environment that prioritizes the patient experience, meeting both medical and customer service needs.

About Intuitive Health

Founded in 2008, Intuitive Health pioneered the combined emergency room and urgent care model. Intuitive Health partners with established health systems nationwide to build, launch and operate retail healthcare facilities that provide urgent care and emergency room services under one roof. Current partners include Baptist Health in Florida, Baptist Health in Indiana, ShorePoint Health ER & Urgent Care in Florida, Northwest Health in Arkansas, Presbyterian Healthcare Services in New Mexico, ProMedica in Ohio, Riverview Health in Indiana, UF Health in Florida, and its flagship center, Legacy ER & Urgent Care in Texas.

Intuitive Health’s patient-centered, dual-care retail model is built on a proven business system focused on concierge-level customer service and transparency. Each facility has on-site lab equipment, a radiology suite with X-ray and multi-slice CT scanners and are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Every patient is examined by a board-certified and ER-licensed physician, regardless of the level of care they need. As an objective criterion, the physician determines if the appropriate care is emergent or urgent care. Patients are billed accordingly, only paying for the care they require, which in turn eliminates inappropriate emergency room utilization.

This proven model establishes a cost-effective, more personalized and time-efficient way to deliver high-quality medical service at the appropriate cost, which garners long-term patient loyalty. The Intuitive Health model simultaneously increases market share for partner healthcare systems by expanding their footprint with conveniently located centers.

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